Got a home you want to sell fast? We can often pay cash and close quickly! We look for properties we can improve. We like to add value, and then sell the enhanced properties for a small profit. You are free of the property quickly, someone finds the home of their dreams, and we make money by adding value and making things better. Everyone wins!

AirBnB Rentals

We have a growing portfolio of beautiful AirBnB locales. Want to visit some family? Doing some business? Need to be in town for just a while? Stay with us! We will make you feel at home and comfortable, as if you are staying in your own place. Stay a night, or stay a month. Either way, you will feel relaxed and organized. We will be there for you if you need anything. From WiFi to coffee, we got you covered. We care about you, and you will feel that! You will always want to stay with us again and again, wherever you go!

Larger Real Estate

We pool investors together and work to add value to larger multi-unit buildings and complexes. We do syndication deals, and even buy and hold larger properties for cash flow and equity growth. We generally like to find a multi-unit property, work to increase its value, then refinance, freeing up the investors’ capital for new projects and opportunities. Capital preservation is our driving focus. Want to get in the game? Give us a call.

We Follow Up and Follow Thru

You want someone you can rely on. You want someone you trust to get the job done. We understand, because that’s who we are.

We’ve surrounded ourselves with the best agents, contractors and financiers. We seek people with a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed. We found those who simply follow up on things and follow thru with things will rise to the top, far above others. So, that has become our mantra: Follow Up and Follow Thru. When you work with us, you know that someone is focusing on the project from start to finish, and will not let things fall thru the cracks.

Things get done at Terralandia, and done well.